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THE MUSCLE FACTORY (VOL.1 BASIC): The Ultimate Guide To Your Custom Training Program For Achieving The Lean, Aesthetic Body You´ve Always Dreamed Of (Muscle And Strenght)


Scott Oteri calls his book “The Ultimate Guide to Your Custom Training Program for Achieving the Lean, Aesthetic Body You’ve Always Dreamed Of”. And, it is exactly that. Everything you need to know about losing or gaining weight, from the benefits of eating a plant-based vegan diet to what workout routines you need to bulk up muscle mass, is explained in an easy-to-understand format. He describes all types of training workout programs, so that you can understand which programs produce which muscle fitness results. He even has a chapter on disciplining the mind to prepare for training, and another on how to break through those frustrating plateaus. He knows that to do any kind of training, it’s going to take a positive attitude and some solid support, and teaches you how to master your body by controlling your mind with willpower, self-discipline and motivation to continue.

This book begins with determining your body type and, once you know what you are working with, branches into the correct diet and training programs that will start you on your path to building muscle and creating a lean, strong, healthy body for your type. The outlined steps actually help you create your own custom training program. The workout training regimens are broken down for Beginners and Advanced Beginners, so you won’t be left behind with a program that is too rigorous for you because of your current physical condition; And, when you gain strength and confidence at the Beginner level, there’s another program ready for you to tackle, so you can continue building the bigger, leaner, stronger body you’ve always dreamed of. Every part of this book, the nutrition and supplement recommendations, the benefits of different muscle and strength exercises and training programs, and the mental preparedness support, are explained in a logical and scientifically-backed manner, so you are getting factual, time-proven techniques to achieve your physical and mental training goals.

If you have been looking for a comprehensive guide that will tell you everything you need to know about getting the body you’ve always wanted, in a healthy, positive way, then The Muscle Book is the guide for you. Say hello to your new Personal Trainer!


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