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The Powerbuilding Blueprint


The Powerbuilding Blueprint is the ultimate training manual for getting bigger and stronger, consistently over time.

Strength training has become a divided activity. Bodybuilding, powerlifting, cross fit, Olympic weightlifting, you name it. Where there is a category, there are respective silos with entire communities, industries and rules institutionalizing it.

Somewhere along the way, specific goals and agendas diluted the overall benefits of simple, effective weight training and the end result is an array of imbalanced lifters. Bodybuilders with superhuman physiques who can’t squat 2x their body weight, powerlifters who can squat 4x body weight but can’t tie their shoes, cross fitters with “functional” strength but the maximal strength of a retired marathon runner, and so on.

The Powerbuilding Blueprint takes a step back from this nonsense and outlines a training method, a blueprint, for using basic, multi-joint movements to build maximal strength, and various assistance and accessory (isolation) lifts to stimulate hypertrophy, together. More basically, it combines the most effective training strategies for powerlifting and bodybuilding, in each workout, to maximize muscle size and strength gains from your time spent in the gym. It also produces incredibly well-rounded strength athletes.


Okey Landers III says:

The Powerbuilding Blueprint I found the book, The Powerbuilding Blueprint, to be an excellent resource for both strength and bodybuilding training. The concepts it purports are basic, historic and proven. The presentation of the material is reader friendly, easily assimilated and implemented. As well it contains what I consider to be accurate and genuinely helpful nutritional information. This book focuses on the indispensable center and core of serious strength and bodybuilding training. I highly recommend this book to…

J.V.S.C. says:

I wish there were more like him in this industry 0

Anonymous says:

Todd Henry’s The Powerbuilding Blueprint is a welcome addition to literature on the sport — and the life changes enabled by — powerbuilding. Henry starts off by making clear that this is not the book for anyone looking for a fad formula for unnatural results. Rather, he shares a foundation of basic principles and a sound methodology. Those of us who exercise regularly can attest to his philosophy that powerbuilding can change your attitude and life. This couldn’t be more true…

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