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The Strength Training Anatomy Workout, Volume II: 2 by Frederic Delavier (2012-04-16)



Zach J. Kamla says:

Comparison of Delavier’s books None of the reviews thus far have addressed how Strength Training Anatomy and the Strength Training Anatomy Workout books differ, so you might be wondering which one to buy.Strength Training Anatomy, 3rd Edition, is a reference book–it’s got really cool drawings with tips for common techniques at the gym. It’s no-nonsense and great for weight-lifters who have a great routine already but want to optimize it, or for the intellectual athlete who wants to gain a greater understanding…

Tom Venuto, author of Burn the Fat, Feed the ... says:

Great way to learn muscle anatomy and exercise form at the same time I owned the first edition of Strength Training Anatomy (blue cover) for nearly 15 years and I’ve been recommending this book to my clients for that long as well. I decided to pick up the new 3rd edition (red cover) to update my library and also to write this review.This book’s concept and contents have been imitated many times, but Delavier’s is the original and the best.In a nutshell, Strength Training Anatomy is a book of expertly drawn illustrations of the human body…

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