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THIS exercise injured my testicles (how to stretch you balls)

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vrstovsek says:

I almost forgot how much I love this guy!

Reflex yoo says:

In case I had an hernia should I get surgery or is there a way to fix it?
Like exercises or stretching? I think it might be an inguinal hernia.

Felipe Scherb says:

He probably has varicocele, and the vascularization caused by all the
abdominal exercises trough the nuts made it worse

stupidreligionz says:

when i was little my grandfather was telling me about this thing with the
ball (not testicles, the real ball…). he wasnt telling exactle use a ball
but generally if u want to relax/get rid of pain your stomach area put
something (like a ball) and lay on it.

big bob says:

a nice little nut LMAO

TheCashistrash says:

I just go around the house naked for a few hours at a time. It is good
massage penis and testicles to improve blood flow and stretch the
testicles. Best to do it slow and with hands so if you feel pain you stop.
Wearing that elastic band and belt around waist is not good for the blood
flow and can cause tumors.

Andrew Martin says:

nuff said . massage might work too

avi30341 says:

i had that. i did what he said,only with my thumbs (put my bodyweight on
massaged all over the place and got the thumbs veeery deep. do it on a mat.
i felt very weird suddenly (i hit some spot). and all this pain went away.
and yes, that was varicucel. so do it.

TheKaan14 says:

talking about tecticles hurts my balls already.

durfman79 says:

Yo Elliot! I wanted to know the best ways to break “the plateau.” For
months I was stuck pushing the same weights and never getting stronger. My
body was improving in size but the strength never changed. I have tried
different workout routines to keep the muscle guessing but still no change.
I heard negatives were good but I don’t have a partner to help me with that
so that’s not an option. I don’t have money for supplements and preworkouts
either. What would u suggest doing for breaking that “

justcallmegod2 says:

Hahaahh I have the some anatomy book 😉

ManofManyPasswords says:

im doing this tomorrow

TheJerseyfistpump says:

I have no other choice….. under most circumstances.

Parausanu Alex says:

Wow. Testicle streching 😉 this is new

switchbeck1 says:

Man I am actually glad i watched this video, I had pain the same way this
guy was describing his. After a couple of days my pain went away. But, now
I know what caused it! Thank Elliot

MjmanDK says:

Be a bigger man, let your balls hang – Elliot 2013

Jorik Steen says:

4:52 had to turn down the volume lol

Daniel Ross says:

4:52 this would look HILARIOUS doin this infront of everyone at the gym!

Marcos Goncalves says:

Be my biology teacher

MrHellooooo says:

the penis.. with the balls. haha oh laughter

thedarkmoonman says:

YO ELLiot! Do your balls hang low, can you swing them to and fro, can you
tie em in a knot, can you tie em in a bow. Do you get a funny feeling when
your hanging from the ceiling, because you’ll never be a sailer if your
balls hang low…

MrXelium says:

The dude crunched a nut doing crunches, it somewhat makes sense!

PUREBosowa says:

Thank you, i don’t have speakers.


Let your balls hang!

Brock Galloway says:

There’s a spasm in that muscle attached to your balls

james4592225 says:

4:52 Like this if u thought Elliot was busting all kindz of nuts into that
ball! All kindz!

Antonio Hartman says:

I’ve gotta say, I started laughing my ass off when he pulled out the
picture of the balls.

johngrimm7 says:

LOL. Not gon lie…this sh*t cracked me up.

Daniel Ross says:

Boy u guys catch on some good jokes here

Jun Ho says:

Allow that ball to dig in….slightly

Chrisd6x3 says:

was i the only one who laughed when he said “you literally went nuts”

Strause House says:

Ready to get weird? Skip to 4:51

googlevideosrule says:

try masterbating

Adudefrombrooklyn says:

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think Elliot was trollin’.

microbe mcman says:

you went nuts literally” lol

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