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Valeo 4-Foot Long Stretch Exercise Resistance Bands, Pack of 3, Color Coded For Light, Medium, And Heavy-Duty Resistance For Physical Therapy, Pilates, Yoga, Strength Training Workout


Valeo’s set of three 4-foot stretch bands provide 3 levels of resistance – yellow for light, red for medium, and blue for heavy. Flat latex bands have a smooth consistent stretch. Use to strengthen, tone, shape and rehab muscles and improve range of motion. Exercises included.This set of three Stretch Bands from Valeo offer variable resistance levels that allow you to stretch, strengthen, and tone your muscles with the included exercises. Each band measures 4 feet long and features durable latex construction that offers a smooth and consistent stretch. Each band is color coded for ease of use. The yellow band offers the lowest resistance. The red band offers medium resistance. The blue band offers the heaviest resistance. These resistance bands are lightweight and highly portable.

Product Features

  • Pack of three, variable-resistance stretch bands
  • Each band measures 4 feet long
  • Color coded resistance levels: yellow for light, red for medium, and blue for heavy
  • Flat and smooth latex construction
  • Use to strengthen, tone, shape, and rehab muscles; exercises included


camiel says:

3 years later and still using them

RLB says:

Does the job

GirlOfPeace says:


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