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Vita-lize Fenugreek #1 Breastmilk Support for Nursing Mothers, Increase Milk Supply, #1 All Natural Testosterone Booster for Men, Seed Powder Extract, 120 Vegetarian Capsules 610mg


Fenugreek is an herb that has been used for centuries for many different reasons. For a mother, breast milk is like gold and if there is a dip in your supply you may become frustrated and worry that your child isn’t getting enough. Don’t break the special bond you have with him/her without first trying our vegetarian Fenugreek capsules. Fenugreek is doctor recommended and commonly known to help women rebuild their lost or low milk supply. This worry free product is also known to give men the testosterone boost they need as well as assistance with many other conditions. IT IS NOT INTENDED FOR PREGNANT WOMEN. MONEY BACK GAUANTEE if you are not 100% satisfied with our product, no questions asked.

Product Features

  • WORRY FREE BREASTMILK BOOSTER for mothers experiencing a drop in their milk supply for any reason. If your baby is having a growth spurt or if you’re simply going back to work and you need some help. Fenugreek is doctor recommended and has been known for years to aid mothers who need a little support.
  • MEN USE FENUGREEK for other reasons such as a testosterone booster.
  • CURVES APPETITE and promotes weight loss if taken in the morning and after dinner.


Dolores says:

Product increases milk production in nursing mothers. I’m giving this product only 3 stars because it does help greatly with milk production but I think what they’re asking for here with price is over-priced. After using this I can say it did help me keep up with and even over-produce milk production (depending on the quantity you take) which is great because I’m trying to build supply before I go back to work. But this seems to work just as well for me as the Fenugreek product I can find at my local health-food store, same mg dosage and only cost…

jennifer62978 says:

Helps for someone who was previously unable to breastfeed I gave these to my cousin who just had her third baby and wanted to breast feed. She has had issues in the past with milk production but really wants to give it a go with this new baby. After receiving this product at a promotional rate for evaluation and reviewing purposes, I figured she was the best person to give these a try and tell me how they worked for her. She said she noticed an increased milk production, especially compared to her last two births, as she wound up not being able to…

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