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we are the movement for mental health

more than 40 celebrities from television and film came together in partnership with philosophy’s hope & grace initiative and each mind matters: california’s mental health movement to start…


Emily Penrose says:

Thank you Philosophy, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Mental health
issues are so seldom talked about openly. A little knowledge may open minds
to realize that those who suffer have the potential to get better. They
don’t need a label, they need understanding. I’ve loved and used your
products for years and now when I do, I’ll smile to myself knowing you’re
also getting the word out about mental health issues!

National Psychosis Prevention Council says:


Glo Gibson says:

I LIVE WITH MENTAL ILLNESS… all around me on a daily basis. Let’s talk

debbietristan100 says:

I completely agree that it’s time to stop the stigma against mental health
illnesses. However, acknowledging that you need help, asking for it, and
actually RECEIVING it are different matters. A family member has been
trying for the past four years to get help for Depression. They have tried
everyone, from the hospital to private psychologists & therapists. No one
seems to care. So, I no longer believe that all it takes is reaching out
for help. That’s not enough. Now we need mental health professionals who
truly care about having people get well, and not seeing them as a
“nuisance”. Is cancer, MS, diabetes a “nuisance”? No. But mention the word
Depression or Anxiety, and people run the other way, including the health
professionals who have sworn to “do no harm”.

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