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Weight Training: Benefits of Weight Training Vs Aerobics (Weight Loss Strength Training Workout Fitness Training) (Health Fitness & Dieting Exercise & Fitness)


Weight Training for Weight Loss

Benefits of Weight Training Vs Aerobics

Are you tired of the weight loss game? Dealing with all of the do’s and don’ts of weight loss, and all of the myths and lies that are passed off as fact? Your search for answers is over.

Say goodbye to the weight loss game once and for all, and learn the real tool to effective weight loss, as well as the key to keeping it off.

This book is your handy guide to showing you the myths behind the promises of aerobic exercise, and all of the tested and true benefits of weight training, including:

– Exercise choices

– Facts

– Dietary truths

– A literal comparison between aerobic and weight training

– And more!

Read on to discover the key to weight loss that you have been looking for, then head out there, and say goodbye to that weight once and for all!

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Grady Harp says:

‘Sometimes the best way to start anything is to just do it.’ Gregory F. Randall opens his book on weight training for weight loss with the following Introduction: ‘We see them on the television, and running next to us in the gym. On the trails and laying in the sun by the swimming pool… lean, toned people that look like they don’t have an ounce of fat on them. You spend hours sweating in the gym, trying to achieve this look, but no matter how much time you put in, you still don’t have that strong, toned look. Here is the problem,…

Spencer in Seattle says:

Straight-Forward Text Promoting Strength Training This is a quick little read (no pictures) that puts forth a succinct and reasonable message: get strong, put on some muscle, and you’ll burn more fat, transforming your body from lots of flub to much more muscle. The author takes a no-nonsense approach, suggesting that readers simply need to get out there (Just do it!) and start using weights — even for things like sit ups and push ups. Increasing weight means increasing muscle load.If you’re serious about getting into weight…

Anonymous says:

I’m not sure what you expect to gain from this E-book, however, its mostly motivational. A little bit about High Intensity Interval training, a little bit about how muscle is denser and weighs more than fat, etc. Weight training involves a lot of different modalities, however, I’m not so sure wrist weights, or stretch tubes, are what most people associate with weight training. (I don’t think performing calisthenics with body weight, is what we call weight training, either.) When the author says…

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