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WEIGHT TRAINING FOR OLD GUYS: A Practical Guide for the Over-Fifty Crowd (And Good Advice for the Rest of Us!)


Weight Training for Old Guys takes you on a comprehensive, light-hearted fitness journey and incorporates both traditional and little-known Olympic Weight Lifting training methods that guarantee that no bully will ever kick sand in your face again! Written in layman’s terms, Weight Training for Old Guys is a comprehensive how-to guide that enlightens and entertains the reader. It reveals trade secrets on how to build muscle mass, transform physiques, and how to remain injury-free.

The book has a strong, detailed focus on proper weight lifting techniques, discusses gym equipment necessities, warm-up routines, workouts for readers of all fitness levels, and exercise variations that keep the body continually challenged. Filled with detailed instructions and illustrations, Weight Training for Old Guys should be every man’s bench-side companion at the gym.


John A. Thich says:

Not worth the money

Amazon Customer says:

Making Weight Training Fun This book offers the reader something different than any other weight training or weight lifting book I have read. I don’t claim to be a huge reader, but as a former college athlete (Football/Track) and certified speed/conditioning coach, I can state this book breaks away from the standard format (in a great way!), it is like listening to your friend (who is the real deal), give you advice and make it funny/fun to get in the gym. I was tired of reading Men’s Health or watching youtube for new…

Mark C. Morthier says:

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is serious about weight training. When I first started Olympic style weightlifting back in 1981, Timothy Caso was one of the first to help me out.The training methods, principles and techniques that he and others from that weightlifting club taught me, I still use today.Tim really gets down to the nuts and bolts of weight training in this book. As Tim states in this book, unless you’rea competitive bodybuilder, don’t waste your time and energy on isolation exercises. Keep it simple and stick to the…

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