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Weight Training: Muscle by Science: Your Simple Guide to Building a Muscular and Powerful Body


There are 1,000’s of weight lifting books on the market. Most of them make promises that they can’t keep. In Muscle by Science you will learn why other programs fail and how YOU can succeed. You will finally understand the science behind building massive amounts of muscle. The author genuinely wants you to succeed! This book is the compilation of nearly a decades worth of experience and research, all in a simple, succinct, easy to read format. Breakthrough science can act like a fertilizer for your muscles when applied correctly. It’s time to GROW!

Gain up to 16 pounds of pure muscle in 16 weeks!

It is not your fault that you aren’t as muscular as you’d like to be. It isn’t your gene’s fault either. Most training programs are built by steroid enhanced individuals who use incorrect “Bro Science”. If you’re tired of being the small guy in the gym and not getting results then this book is for you. Muscle by Science shows you exactly how to lift and eat in order to maximize muscle growth naturally! You will be so glad that you got this book. Implement the 3 mass building phases NOW and get ready for people to ask you how you got so huge!

See you on the inside!


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