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Weight Training: Steps to Success, Fourth Edition (Steps to Success Activity Series)


Take the guesswork out of strength training and understand the details of proper exercise technique, weight loads, and reps. The no-nonsense approach of Weight Training: Steps to Success has guided more than 200,000 readers to their strength training goals and it will do the same for you.

Combining the experience of strength and conditioning experts Thomas Baechle and Roger Earle, this guide will maximize your development with a progressive approach to weight training using either free weights or machines. Learn which exercises target which muscles and how to perform each one correctly and safely. Gain insight on how to eat smart to maximize results and follow the step-by-step directions to calculate safe training loads and design an overall training program that fits your interests and training preferences.

Whether your goal is to improve muscular endurance, build strength, increase muscle mass, tone existing muscles, or reduce body fat, Weight Training: Steps to Success will help you be successful. With more than 30 exercises, each explained and demonstrated through full-color photo sequences, along with guidance on how to approach introductory workouts and create a tailored training program, it’s no wonder this is the book that thousands will use to develop a strong, healthy, and attractive body.


Anonymous says:

The book does not explain its principles well and contains few to none scientific references. Furthermore, it does not cite its information, so you are forced to rely on hope to understand the book. Lastly, although the book contains textual descriptions of the various exercises, it does not provide any video sources. And personally, I have found videos to be more useful for getting an overall feel of a workout than text descriptions. Overall, I rate it two stars because although the book is…

Anonymous says:

I can’t say enough good about this paperback book! It is a true learning tool. It makes clear even complicated material, and if you follow thru the steps (they are actually short chapters) you will come to be able to program just as the authors promise. If you are new to personal training, or just new to the gym, you would do well to spend the little amount of money this costs, devote a little time, and come away knowing something useful. The authors are not only lifetime experts in their…

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