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Weight Training:Weight Training Workouts For Everyone – Man, Woman, Big Or Small We Have Workouts For You: The Only Guide With A Weights Routine For Anyone … training,exercise motivation)


We Have What You Need, Period

Bonus Right After The Conclusion

Lets face it, weight training books are very general, there is not a personal feel to them, they are telling you about this routine, this tip, this vitamin but the reality is we all have different bodies and we all need individual guidance, now of course that is very tough to give within a book however I have given more than most books, I give weight training routines, tips and tricks for men and women big or small.

You will fit into one category so you will follow the advice within that category its as simple as that.

Here is a run down of what you will get inside!

Your weight training 101How To Firm Up And Gain StrengthHow To Gain muscle FastAdjustments And Routines for your body type

Remember I have Included A Special Bonus!!!!


Alexis says:

Excellent book! 0

Anonymous says:

I have always been impressed with people who have the passion and the discipline to go to the gym everyday and really work on their bodies. I wish I had the same kind of dedication. I got this book and really enjoyed reading about it because the author was direct to the point and was really knowledgeable about achieving the fittest body through weight training especially for women. I also liked that not just focus on one type of exercises but really gave me options which I can choose from…

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