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Workouts Ultimate Book Bundle: 6 Books in 1 – 300 Workouts in Total Consisting of Six Pack Ab Workouts, At Home Workouts, Cross Training, Circuit Training, HIIT and Kettlebell Workouts


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Instantly have all the tools you need to get in the best shape of your life with the ultimate workouts book bundle including 6 books and 300 workouts in total!

Due to the wide variety of workouts included, it does not matter if your goal is to lose fat, build muscle, tone your body or get in great aerobic shape, everything you need to succeed is contained inside.

Get SIX books with 50 Workouts each at a 60% Discount!

Inside this bundle you will find:

50 Six Pack Abs Workouts50 At Home Workouts50 Cross Training Workouts50 Circuit Training Workouts50 HIIT Fat Burning Workouts50 Kettlebell Workouts

In 50 Six Pack Abs Workouts, you get 50 unique ab exercises AND 50 ab workouts that are a mix and match of different exercises, difficulties and ab training styles (concentric, isometric and eccentric). Variety like that is what makes the abdominal muscles develop more than anything else.

In 50 At Home Workouts, you get 50 high intensity workouts you can do either outdoors or inside your home with a little open floor space and a treadmill. No equipment necessary, no more excuses to make!

In 50 Cross Training Workouts, you get the 50 absolute best cross training workouts out there that are THE most effective way to build strength, muscle and cardiovascular endurance. These exact workouts are used every day by the most fit athletes in the world. They range from beginner to expert level to help you gradually work your way into amazing shape.

In 50 Circuit Training Workouts, there are 50 quick workouts split up into arms, legs, abs, upper body and full body workouts. Circuit training is great for people that like to work out before work and don’t have all day to spend in the gym. It utilizes short rests so your heart rate stays elevated and you can get through a full workout in just 20 minutes.

In 50 HIIT Fat Burning Workouts, you’ll learn what HIIT training is and why it is so effective for burning fat. The 50 workouts are not easy, but they are proven to be the most effective for fat loss.

In 50 Kettlebell Workouts, you get 50 intense and pain-inducing (the good kind) workouts that hit every muscle in the body using just one piece of workout equipment called a kettlebell. Kettlebells were first used by Russian strongmen in the 19th century and now they are one of the most popular workout tools and a staple in all fitness gyms.

300 different workouts means you can do 3 new workouts every week for 2 years without repeating a workout.

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