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Xbox Fanboys Need Mental Health Counseling

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The things these people say don’t even make plausible sense

Davin Sweet says:

These guys don’t get simple economics.

VideoGameLover58 says:

I still can’t believe crapgamer is still on youtube, I mean after the shit
that happened in march, he still damage controls microsoft as if they’re
his daddy.

Dark Echelon says:

I think these fanboys purposefully choose to be on the losing team. Because
they themselves feel like losers. These people were never real fans of the
product they blindly support. The only reason they support it is because
when see that product failing. They see it as reflection of themselves
failing at life. They feel that by cheering on that failing product. That
they are also cheering on themselves…


+Dope Chimes

Triple the sales isn’t the gap widening. You heard it here folks. Yet
another delusional Xbox moron LOL

D2LBLAST says:

He calls vgchartz fake for using “imaginary #’s” while pulling 17 million
xbox one consoles sold out of his ass

Ocho says:

Yeah dude and not only do they sit and cheerlead for Microsoft. They spend
the majority of the time talking about Sony, a company they supposedly have
no interest in lol.

BloodCroft says:

Shitgamer in a Xbox cheerleader outfit scary thought.

cool mood says:

Off Topic Bloodborne is amazing

Sjono says:

This sounds like a dude getting his ass whooped in a fight with his nose
bloodied and arm dislocated and saying “I got him where I want him”

nohozana says:

I cant believe i’m saying this, but shitgamer might just be dumber than
cookie face.

The Solid Gamer says:

remember when the xbots were saying china was going to save the xbox? well
this month we find out that one month of PS4 sales in china has already
exceeded the lifetime sales of the xbox in china.

TripleCn1 says:

If you tell an Xbox fanboy the PS4 is more powerful they’ll deny it.
If you tell an Xbox fanboy the PS4 is dominating the console market they’ll
deny it.
Hell, if you tell an Xbox fanboy that 2 + 2 = 4 they’ll STILL deny it.


tdummy1094 says:

idk where crap gets his material from but this niggah is dumb af he keeps
saying tht xbox sells more software but everytime a game comes out the ps4
has the most sold

Bryan Toro says:

Lol “the Xbox has the ps4 where it wants it”

Derek Bing says:

its mind boggling how someone can make excuses and lie for a company that
barely/doesn’t know you exist, much less give a damn

QuasiDgen - says:

That weekly Xbot therapy session makes me smh so hard

kian26master says:

I don’t understand. What do you benefit from being a corporate slave? Are
you getting a free xbox, ps4 or wii u or something??
Is Phil Spencer, Kaz Hirai, and Satoru Iwata coming to drop millions on
your bank account?? No???
Stfu and stop bunny hopping on M$, Sony and Nintendo’s dick!!!!

Caged Raccoon says:

This generation, Sony been very transparent with their numbers, yet these
corporate slaves say otherwise lol

StoopSJK: Za Artisto~ says:

DAM, DTB0ND Creeps on Fanboy PODCAST!!!!! *[39 MINUTES IN]* #EXPOSED

Mindy's Hit-cave says:

Catching up fast lol. It’s closer to the wii u numbers than the ps4’s

†Jυυzσυ Sυzυуα† says:

BlackB0ND I guess you like Elpesador? Good video by the way!

YoxxSHIxx says:

Ok, you dislike the video about being negetive, but as soon as he goes in
on Xbox yall spam that like button lol

“How much are they paying you to be retarded? Cause I want some of Dat
money nigga!”

Twilight Angel says:

Every fanboy needs mental counseling. (Including myself with the avatar i’m
using ha!) Just wanted to say that first before someone else does.

mostwanted2010 says:

his fans are just as bad they will defend and support racism,lying,
spreading misinformation, mass blocking/censoring and video stealing he
and his subscribers are all scumbags

Alex Molina says:

Crapgamer is brainless retarded, is he a 12 year-old child pretending to be
a man or something?

Sjono says:

The Order: 1886 outsold Sunset Overdrive despite all the controversy it
garnered. Even more proof that people don’t buy a lot of Microsoft

John beason says:

Xbox ones second to the wii u on the joke meter.

BigLegendD says:

It is a damn shame that these some clowns cheering for their favorite
plastic and companies. Lol

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