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Four years ago today, I was admitted into an inpatient eating disorder facility with a BMI of less than 11. I was on my death bed.

Four years ago today, it hit me how sick I really was. I was put on bed rest, wheelchair, shower chair, feeding tube, and was a cardiac alert. I could have dropped dead any minute.

Four years ago today began an incredibly long and difficult 2-and-a-half-year inpatient journey to recovery from the tight grip of anorexia nervosa.

Today, I am engaged to be married. Today, I am going to eat Thanksgiving dinner with my family and I am not worried about it. Today, I have energy and a smile on my face. Today, I am alive.

I am still paying the price of putting my body through so much, and I still have my struggles, but I am so much better than I was 4 years ago on this day.

Recovery is worth it.

Always reblogging this.

For my ED friends and followers. Best of luck and wishes to you all


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