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Your At Home Workout Journal: Total body home workouts, that you can design to fit your day, EVERYDAY. Mens Edition


Welcome to “Your At Home Workout Journal.”

Total body home workouts that you can design to fit your day. EVERYDAY.

Mens Edition


This book is not for bodybuilders or individuals with advanced levels of fitness.

Ok, so your not advanced or a bodybuilder?


Think about this.

When you are busy and don’t have the luxury of a personal trainer, or the ability to own a gym membership, a workout from home can be just as effective but even more efficient.

Think about the convenience of just walking into your back yard or garage and being able to do a super effective short workout.

In this book, you will find:

• Workouts routines for you to use at home, on a cruise, at a hotel, or anywhere you want.

• 7 Different Intensity Boosting techniques to keep your workouts interesting.

• Mashable workouts to help randomize your workouts, so your never bored.

• Workouts designed to work the entire body that help you burn fat and improve your muscle strength and keep progressing.

• Detailed Exercise descriptions with pictures so you are never confused.

• We have also included workout sheets, to ensure you track everything to maximize your results.

• Workouts duration begins with only 7 minutes.

Benefits include:

• Saving Time by working out at home.

• Saving Money by training at home.

• Build Strength, Muscle whilst burning Fat.

• Increase Your Health, Fitness, and energy.

If that sound like you?


Click on the orange “Buy Now” button at the top and download your copy today!


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