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ZoN Pink Resistance Tubes – Medium Resistance


Resistance tubes are one of the most effective forms of exercise for performing lower body, upper body and core conditioning. Whether your goal is building lean muscle mass or shedding excess body fat, ZoN Bright Pink Resistance Tubes will help you reach your goals. Use the tubes to burn fat through high-rep, low-resistance exercises, or to gain lean muscle mass through low-rep, high-resistance exercises. Isolate individual muscles or use as a full range of motion exerciser. Resistance tubes provide a safe, proven, do-anywhere routine to build strength and improve tone; no bulky metal weights needed. Choose from 2 resistance levels to suit your fitness capabilities.

Product Features

  • Free downloadable content includes: Breast Health Fitness Video, 101 Breast Cancer Facts, Self-Exam Guide, and “The Little Bright Book” by Bright Pink®
  • Compact and portable. Great for travel and home use.
  • Break-resistant latex material provides consistent stretch.
  • Available in two resistance strengths: Light and Medium.
  • Ideal for resistance training, aerobic endurance training and rehab.


SuwanneeGal says:

Great quality but not for beginners These resistance tubes are really well-made. The handles are rigid enough so they don’t pinch your hands when you pull, and the attachment of the tubing is solid and looks like it will last awhile. I got some similar resistance bands from the hospital when I left and they sucked in comparrison, handles collapsed right away so every time I pulled they clinched my hand painfully, then the tubing pulled through from the handles in jusst a few weeks making them worthless. These are much more…

slickshopper says:

very flexible love it! 0

LRox says:

Great Alternative to Weights Saw a video where Janet Jackson & her trainer, Martinez, raved about the convenience and bene of her resistance bands and how easily she can transport them for a workout virtually anywhere.This product has been a Godsend, not sure why it took me so long! I can see an improvement from just 5 15-min workouts in my upper body strength! Exercises I did in my hotel room, in front of the TV, etc… The resistance for my leg exercises is also challenging enough for me to FEEL THE BURN from a…

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